Here at Century we pull out all the stops to make sure our products outperform and outlast any other rods on the market.

Century fishing rods are proven world record holders but we also build structural parts for Formula 1 race cars and aerospace components. All Century fishing rods undergo the same scrutiny, processing, and care as our F1 team customers would expect, and the same UK factory staff pays careful attention to both industries. Our blanks are made in the UK. Our built rods are made in the USA.

Unique to the Century rod blank manufacturing process is our Autoclave Technology which anglers have commended over the years for the longevity of the rods to hold their action, power, and recovery. The Autoclave process is part of the blank curing process which applies heat to cure the carbon fiber pre-preg while also applying pressure and a vacuum to remove voids from the carbon wall and produce a more compacted carbon part.

Century also applies Anti TwistTechnologyg or ATT. This special layup process of the carbon materials keeps the guides in line and avoids twisting/torque forces on the rod during the casting cycle. ATT produces a very accurate and efficient use of power during the cast. i.e. longer casts, more accurate casts, easier on the angler, and less load on there to achieve the performance and playing action that Century is known for.

We use only the highest grade fibers to aid in the perfect zoning of the rod by multiple patterns changes from tip to butt.

When choosing a Century Rod it will benefit from a variety of enhanced carbon fiber resin systems that might have been; specially toughened, Silica Nano reinforced, Graphene reinforced, or combinations of all of the above. These systems are chosen for different applications but give us options to reduce weight, control recovery speed, increase sensitivity and strength.

Regardless of which century model, whether it be the Century Fly for presenting the smallest fly in a mountain brook, or the Nor'easter
battling the rocks and surf of Long Island, or Offshore searching for a record tuna in the blue depths.

Century is the highest quality,best performing, fishing rod on the market today.

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